Soap bubbles
1. Where does the rainbow color of bubbles come from?
Each of the bubbles has its own unique color scheme. It is caused by iridescence, i.e.
the phenomenon of reflection of light waves. 
2. What is the best weather for bubble blowing?
Soap bubbles are best on days with high humidity, i.e. on cloudy, foggy, or immediately after rain. 
On dry, sunny days the bubbles will be less durable and will burst faster.
3. Should the liquid be foamed?
We definitely don't recommend it. If there is a lot of foam in the dish, it should be removed,
because the bubbles will burst faster through it. If the bubble liquid is poured into a small bottle, try not to shake it.
4. What makes our liquid different?
TUBAN liquid is on the market for 11 years. It has been tested many times in many angles. 
This is the best liquid for making large and durable soap bubbles.
 It is available on several continents in over 25 countries. 
Thanks to TUBAN,  the Guinness world record was broken three times
in the number of people closed in a soap bubble. 125, 193 and finally 419 people in one soap bubble.
5. Where is Tuban liquid produced?
We want to calm you down :) from the beginning - only in Poland.
6. Is Tuban bubble liquid safe?
Our liquid is completely safe. We have made tests that certify the production
of soap bubbles in accordance with the PN EN-71 standard for toy safety.
7. Can soap bubbles freeze?
If you like experiments, we encourage you to create your own frosty bubbles. 
If you add sweet syrup (agave syrup, corn syrup + white sugar)
to the liquid, your bubbles will not only be more durable,
but when frozen, their surface will be decorated with beautiful snowflake-like crystals.
8. How do you make large soap bubbles?
With our unique liquid for making giant soap bubbles, it will be very simple. 
Pour the liquid into the container and just blow it with the help of wands. 
In our offer you will find a wide range of various accessories
and wands that you can use to create large, tunnel bubbles.

Tubi Jelly
1. What is Tubi Jelly?
Tubi Jelly is our new, unusual plastic mass. Gel liquid in bottles with a convenient applicator,
when combined with an activator, will create 3D figurines with a gel consistency.
2. What makes Tubi Jelly different?
What makes us different is certainly the LARGE packaging with gel liquid - 150 ml capacity! Compared
to other gels available on the market, the volume of our gels is more than double.
3. Can I buy Tubi Jelly liquids separately or are they available only in sets?
In addition to ready-made Tubi Jelly sets, we sell single bottles with gel liquid. 
They are available in 18 different colours (yellow, green, blue, red, pink, purple,
turquoise, white, black, brown, grey, glowing in the dark, glitter gold, glitter silver, glitter pink, glitter blue, glitter clear and glitter green).
4. What is the Tubi Jelly activator for?
Our activator is the base of the Tubi Jelly Jelly set. 
Without it, making 3D figures would be impossible. The activator hardens the gel.
5. Is the Tubi Jelly activator suitable for single use only?
After the first use, you do not need to spill the liquid in which the activator is located, because it is reusable. 
You can pour the activator into the bottle and use it again. It will not lose its properties.

1. Is borax in Tuban slime and are they safe?
Activator for Slime is a real pride of the Tuban brand.
We were the first to introduce a thoroughly tested product to the Polish market,
which doesn't contain harmful borax nor lens fluid. 
This product is 100% compliant with all standards set for toy manufacturers and gives you absolute confidence that it is safe.
2. What ingredients will I need to make Slime?
The simplest Slime can be made from just two components that are its base: PVA glue and activator.
 There are plenty of Slime recipes on the Internet, but please note that most
of them contain ingredients that our children should not necessarily play with.
 Untested products can cause severe allergic reactions, skin redness or burns.
So pay attention to what your children play with. In our offer you will find both PVA glues and tested,
safe activators. Playing with them is creative, developing and above all safe. 
3. How to make Slime yourself?
Only two components are needed to make the basic version of Slime. 
The glue and activator should be combined with each other and mixed thoroughly
(in proportions for 200 ml of glue - 100 ml of activator).You can add dye, aroma, Styrofoam balls,
pebbles, stars, fake snow, glitter etc. to the finished mass. There are many possibilities.
4. What did I do wrong? My Slime is too watery ;(
I think we can solve this problem. If your Slime is too watery, just add a little more activator to it.
 The activator will thicken the mass very tightly. Thanks to this, it will have a compact and durable consistency.
5. How to remove Slime from clothes?
Our Slimes are not very invasive, but it may happen that there are traces
of creative play on your child's clothes. To remove the Slime from clothes,
first we have to take off whatever we can with our hands and then wipe the rest with baby wipes.
 If there is any stain on the clothes, soak dirty material in water. In addition, we can add
a few spoons of vinegar or dishwashing liquid. It is worth remembering not to put
dirty clothes in the tumble dryer until you are sure that all slime fragments have
been thoroughly removed. Otherwise, the stain will become permanent.
6. What glue is most suitable for making Slime?
As glue is one of the two main components of Slime, its quality should be very good. 
Otherwise, all the fun is gone. The best glue is PVA glue. 
We sell PVA glues in a wide range of colors (turquoise, pink, blue, red, green,
purple, yellow, orange, white and colorless). Our glue is made in Poland.
7. Which Slime is the best: ready-made or to do it yourself?
It all depends on the age of the child, if the child will play alone
or if we plan to engage in creative fun with him.
 The ready-made mass is worth buying for younger children. 
Playing with slime has a calming effect and will take care of even the most lively child.
 If you want to give someone a gift - an interesting proposition will be
a set that includes all the ingredients necessary for them to create their own Slime.
 We can supervise the mixing of ingredients and all creative activities from
the side or actively participate in the fun. You can use the ready-made instructions,
or use the trial-and-error method to select the appropriate ratio of ingredients.
8. What are the properties of our Slimes:
- all Slimes in our offer are made in Poland;
- Slimes are made of safe ingredients;
- they take the shape of the container they are in;
- if we put them on the desk - they spill into a stain;
- Slimes can be stretched like a pizza dough;
- they have a calming effect;
- the ability to create different Slimes (in terms of colour, smell or texture) stimulates creativity;
- the process of creating Slime teaches responsibility (with regard to safety or cleaning);
- our products are safe for children;
- they do not contain borax or any toxic substances;
- and above all, they let your imagination run wild.

Crazy Hel
1. How many balloons can I fill with one can of Crazy Hel?
With one can you can fill approximately:
- 10 latex balloons 5”
- 4 latex balloons 10” (partly with air)
- 3 latex balloons 12” (partly with air)
- 1 foil balloon 19”
2. Can all balloons be filled with helium?
Of course. But remember, not every helium-filled balloon will float in the air. 
Latex balloons are lighter than foil balloons. It's important.
Why? Because an 8 "latex balloon (light one) will easily fly up,
and an 8" foil balloon (heavier one) - will have a big problem with that. 
3. Can I fill the same balloon with helium twice?
Foil balloons (if they have a special hole) can be refilled with helium again.
4. What affects the fact that balloons remain in the air for a long time?
One of the most important things is the size of the balloon. The larger the balloon, the longer it will fly.
5. Which balloons float the longest in the air?
The balloons will fly the longest:
- which are filled only with helium;
- that are in a room with the same temperature
all the time and not exposed to external factors;
- they are not exposed to direct sunlight.
6. Why doesn't the helium balloon fly?
Balloons that are filled with helium float in the air because helium is lighter than air. 
There must be enough Helium to lift the balloon. If the balloon holds not enough gas,
it will not fly. The type of material the balloon is made of is also very important.
Latex (rubber) balloons are cheaper, but have one disadvantage. 
The micropores contained in them let helium out (they are not 100% tight). 
Foil balloons - they are more expensive, but their quality increases with the price.
They can float for a week or even longer. However, they are more expensive. 
To extend the floating effect of the balloon, you can use special sealing gels (called Hi-float). 
Thanks to them, the helium in the balloon stays longer. 
7. How much rubber balloon will float in the air?
Rubber balloons are the most popular. Such balloons float quite briefly (about 4-6 hours).
 If you want them to fly longer, you'll have to use a sealing gel.
8. I filled the balloon with helium and what next?
If your balloon is already inflated, you need to protect the helium from escaping.
 How to do it? Do not use a string, thread or ribbon, just tie a knot at its end. This is a reliable and the best method.
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